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What is Automated Voice Broadcasting and who can use this service?

Automated Voice Broadcasting is a new state of the art telephony technology where Politicians can leave a message on the Answering Machine of the voters or relay a message to a Live Person anywhere in the United States. Voice Broadcast can be used by Politicians to broadcast their messages to a large audience in a short span of time. It can be used for Advocacy calling for issues, Electronic polling, Membership contacts, Early voting and Vote by Mail calls, Volunteer recruitment and fundraising, Direct Mail Enhancement, Telemarketing Enhancement, Voter Persuasion, Grassroots and Drive voters to the Web-site.

Easy To Use - Call our Recording system and record your message over the phone. Your message is then delivered by our automated technology to your constituents in a timely manner.

Very Effective - Not only do the voters receive your message, but they can respond to your call by pressing a button on their phone to leave you a message... or they may call you back at your office or visit your website.

Very Efficient - Your automated messages can be delivered to your constituents in a matter of hours.

How would you compare the cost and the effectiveness when compared to Direct Mail?

The cost is less than 1/10 of Direct Mail and the results are far greater than Direct Mail, because it is the live voice of the candidate which the people will listen to. 

How long it takes to set-up and start an Automated Voice Broadcast campaign?

Not very long. After you place your order with us and provide us the data and the recorded message, we can set-up the campaign in less than one hour. You will have to provide us the list with the phone numbers and record the voice message you want to use. We can help you with acquiring the list with phone number for your city, county or state. Unlike Direct Mail you can change your message any time you want and you do not have to keep a huge inventory of pre-printed letters and forms.

Telephone Townhall Meeting  (Powered By Tele-Town Hall, LLC)

The Most Powerful Tool in Mass Personal Communication. In one hour, you can interact LIVE with thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of constituents, voters, or members of your organization at the touch of a button! For more information click HERE.

What if I do not have the voter list?

We can provide you the voter list with phone numbers at very reasonable price. If you want the voter list on labels, we can deliver that at an extra charge. To get a count of voters please email us your criteria for the voter list. Please click here for pricing.

Is there a sample message to listen?

Yes, please click on the links below to listen to either the Democratic or Republican messages. Unlike direct mail letters you can change your voicemail message anytime you want.


Bill Clinton   Hillary Clinton   Bill Richardson   Rev. Al Sharpton   Sen. Feinstein   Gov. Gray Davis


Rudi Guiliani    John Ashcroft   Gov. Pete Wilson    Gene McNairy    Dave Dinkins    Morton Blackwell

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