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Thank you for visiting Target Marketing USA, Inc. (TMUSA)
TMUSA is a privately held corporation founded in 1998. Headquartered in Southern California. TMUSA is a technology company that provides high-quality, reliable voice broadcasting services, Voter ID, Patch-thru Calls, Automated Polling, Message Broadcasting and Voter Lists. The company prides itself with having an impeccable reputation, friendly, customer-service, the most modern technology, and tremendous capacity (20,000,000+ calls a day). 

Why Choose Target Marketing USA, Inc.?
TMUSA has a proven history of success in our industry with a depth in technical expertise, service, and products that is hard to match. We can provide your organization with reliable and time-tested solutions. TMUSA has weathered the ups and downs of our volatile industry by focusing on our strengths and listening to the needs of our users.

Contact TMUSA at 949-400-3023 or Voice Msg:949-305-9244 or sales@targetmarketingusa.com to learn more about our Turnkey Services for a wide variety of industries and government organizations.