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Message Broadcast, Voter ID,  Robo Calls, Patch-thru Calls, Automated Polling, Voter List. No Set-up Fees! Call:949-400-3023

Target Marketing USA specializes in Message/Voicemail Broadcasting, Voter ID, Political Campaigns and Robo Calls, Patch Thrus & Press 1 Live TransfersEmergency Notification.  Message Broadcasting or Automated Calls is a very important and cost effective tool for Political Campaigns to relay the candidate's message to voters or constituents across the nation in a very short time, and Target Marketing USA has the necessary expertise to customize a Message Broadcast campaign in the shortest possible time for any political or commercial campaign with a capacity of 20,000,000+ calls per day.

Message/Voicemail Broadcasting is a new technology where it can be used for Business to Business contacts, Business to clients/customer contacts and Political Campaigns.  It allows you to leave a message on the answering machine of your clients/customers or relay a message to a live person or do Patch thru or Press1 Live Transfers to connect your clients/customers to the staff at your office anywhere in the United States. Message/ Voicemail Broadcast can be used by Banks, Non-Profit Organizations, Political campaigns, Emergency Notifications, Collection Agencies, Mortgage Companies, Insurance Companies, etc. The clients/customers can listen to your message at their own free time when you are leaving messages on their answering machines or do a Press 1-Live Transfer of clients/customers who want to talk to you live.

Telephone Town hall Meeting

The Most Powerful Tool in Mass Personal Communication. In one hour, you can interact LIVE with thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of constituents, voters, or members of your organization at the touch of a button!  Click HERE for more information.

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